Mag Bay Yacht Web Video 1  |  Arizona USA

Unique Cinematic Production done for Mag Bay 33 Yachts in Newport Beach California. Included Aerials from Quadcopter 4.5K Cameras, Ground Long Cinema Lens and some unique aerial style filming from various location in Miami Florida 2017 and Mojave Desert in Arizona. Video Filmed in 4.5K, 5K and 4K formats using drones and long lens video production gear.


Our Aerial Cinematography Team made this Yacht Product Branding Video a "must have for the holiday season" this year!  Utilizing a wide arsenal of long lens video production cameras and multiple drones, we edited this amazing 7 day shoot to an outstanding 3 min video for Mag Bay Marketing Team.


Mag Bay Yacht Web Video 2  |  Miami, Fl

This marketing video production was filmed in Miami, FL during the Miami Yacht show this past year.  Our Aerial video production team managed to get about 7 outstanding locations around the Miami area in Florida including Stilsville and Miami Harbor. Utilizing multiple drone and production cameras on every shot, our team created this icon marketing gem for Mag Bay Yachts.


Mag Bay Yacht Shoot 2 Online Video and Web Commercial filmed in Miami Florida with Multiple Aerial 4K Digital Cinema Cameras and Digital Video Production cameras from the Shore.   


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