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At Hilo Pictures we love to tell unique and authentic digital stories for products and brands.  It is our passion to bring your ideas and concepts to life by creating  remarkable video content using cinematic imagery and individuality in each and every video production we create for our clients and partners.

Building brand awareness and promoting your products through video and content marketing campaigns is one of the most rewarding forms of digital media promotion there is.  Video production for products and services is becoming more common especially on the social media and e-commerce platforms such as  We use engaging context to tell the story of your product using superior digital storytelling, slider/motion filming and unrivaled talent scouting.   This 4K Ultra HD video production for HEXIFLIX, product promotion and branding video is distributed across 15 different content marketing platforms and serves as a centerpiece for the company and brand.






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We are a full-service cinematic video production house and creative video agency wrapped into one. We add a touch of "big screen motion picture" to every video we create wether it be an e-commerce or explainer video spanning down to lifestyle and brands. Our uniquely diverse suite of in-house capabilities that span the spectrum of creative development, web development and video production services allow us to be a one stop video production resource for our partner and clients' needs. We can produce your product or e-commerce video and also guide  you with promoting and driving viewership to your videos online as well as through social media and traditional channels.

Popularity of Content Types

Video Accounts for The Most Popular Source of Content in 2017 (The State of Content Marketing, Outbrain)

Challenge brands & products

We specialize in creating uniquely expressive product and sales videos for challenging and difficult to explain products or brands. Our product video production and e-commerce sales videos are custom created and designed to target your product or service niche. We highlight your product and/or service in a meaningful and impactful way. Our team of cinematographers, directors, producers, motion graphics designers, voice-over talent, and script writers are overly qualified at producing world-class product and sales videos. Our prices are also very affordable, especially when you compare our quality with other product video production companies.

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*We offer free phone consultations on every stage of your production process, by all means call for an informal chat or just to bounce some creative concepts off our team.

If you already have assets such as a draft script, or storyboard, or YouTube reference links to productions you like, please email them to us.

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