Reynolds Recycling in Hilo, Hawaii

I was snapping randomly with my camera one day while driving, and came up with this picture, which has a little bit of an artsy vibe to it.

Reynolds Recycling is one of the places around town where people can go to redeem cans and bottles for deposits. They also recycle scrap metal, which has risen in value in recent years and is now worthwhile for some to collect. Reynolds Recycling has around 30 locations around the state. I am not sure whether that is a sign that people here are serious about recycling, conserving resources and caring for the environment, or simply a sign of the times and poor economy. I tend to suspect that it is the latter; people and businesses here seem to get away with far too many violations against the environment, to the point where I have begun to see business owners “in the know” refuse to eat local seafood. How sad.

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